We want you to know the people behind your favourite Grounded Cru wine, so we're introducing you to the team! Say hi to Lucy & Rino. 👋

Lucy & Rino grow some extremely tasty Grenache and Shiraz that play a big part in our Rosé, GSM and Shiraz labels!

Favourite wine region:

Lucy - Champagne, as long as its good because life is too short to waste it on bad champagne!

Rino - Bordeaux, I had a great time tasting wine at Château Angélus near Saint-Emilion.

Favourite grape variety:

Lucy & Rino - Grenache, it produces lots of different styles and flavours.

Favourite food: 

Lucy - Asian because I'm not good at cooking it myself.

Rino - Any home made pasta and anything cooked on charcoal.

Favourite holiday destination: 

Lucy - Italy.

Rino - Umbria, visiting relatives in Italy.


Lucy & Rino - 2 adult children.


Lucy - I like cats.

Rino - We have no pets at present but I always wanted to have a kelpie.

Favourite sporting team: 

Rino - Australian test cricket, I love watching them play.

Favourite band/s: T

Lucy & Rino - Anything from the 60's and 70's.

Favourite movie/s: 

Lucy - Cinema Paradiso.

Rino - Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns. 

Lucky number: 

Lucy - 17.

Rino - 7.

Home town: 

Lucy & Rino - Adelaide, South Australia.

If you weren't busy producing some of the best Grenache and Shiraz Mclaren Vale has to offer, what would be your dream job?

Lucy - Retired!

Rino - Professional lawn bowler!